In our opinion two of the most important things to book for your wedding are the Photos and the Video! So many couples tell us they don’t want to spend too much or don’t want the typical boring video that ends up forgotten in a draw. If it’s going to be boring and ugly then, don’t bother, but we work with some of the best in the area and we can assure you their work is nothing near to boring.

In fact, we always strongly recommend you take this option because there are never enough memories to keep and specially because everything happens so fast during the day and you’ll miss out on so much that you’ll love to watch it once you’ve come back from your honeymoon or even in a few months time when all you have are vague images in your head.

Have a look at some of our last weddings…

ÁGUEDA&RAÚL from Lluch&Soler on Vimeo. Singapore .